JB's Squirt Worx

Do you want a high quality, affordable paint job for your favorite motorcycle?  Well, look no further - this is the place!

With the prices of new motorcycles skyrocketing, it might be a wise decision to give your faithful friend a face lift instead of trading it off on a shiny new model.  If your current bike is mechanically sound, reliable, and you like it, there is no reason to part with it.  But, if despite all of it's strong points it looks a bit "long-in-the-tooth", do something about it!  The bikes on this page are all over 20 years old,  shine like (or better) than a new one, and are PAID FOR!!!

Take a look at the following examples of what you can expect from me.  These bikes belong to my household, and it's kind of obvious that I'm kinda partial to BMW Airheads, but I will paint any make or model.  Hey, if it's got two wheels I'm satisfied!

Just click on one of the pictures for more details:

Click for details of this classic black paint job on a 1981 BMW R100.Click here for details on this 1984 BMW R65 blue beauty.1980 BMW R76 With Hand Laid Fiberglass RS Fairing Copy

If you are marginally handy with a wrench, you can save considerable money by doing the disassembly and reassembly yourself.  Just pull off your tank, fenders, and other items and ship them to me for refinishing.  FedEx Ground is a reasonably priced service that is usually a little quicker, in my experience, than UPS.  Just remember to drain, rinse, and air out your tank, carefully pack and box everything up, and ship it to me.

Once I have your pieces, turnaround should be in the 3-6 week range, depending on how much repair and prep needs to be done.  It is difficult (well, impossible) to come up with a "price list" for something with as many variables involved as a decent paint job.  The darker the color, the more perfect the surface must be, red paints cost a fortune (compared to other colors), stripes, shading, the list goes on...  But the main contributor to cost is prep.  Your surface prep, and attention to detail, is 90+% of the job.  If your tank looks like it had been locked in a cage with a crazed spider monkey wielding a ball-peen hammer the job will be considerably more expensive than one that has no dents!  If your parts have been repainted (sometimes several times) in the past, then they will probably need to be stripped to bare metal. Even if the underlying paint is sound you don't want the total thickness to get out of line or durability will suffer.

If you want to save money by doing some of your own repair work I think that's great, as long as it's done correctly and the proper materials are used.  Click here for a short introduction on how to make a durable repair to minor damage and cracks in fiberglass fairing panels like this upper right BMW R100RT fairing panel.  If a crack is just glued closed, department store plastic filler slopped on, and then finished with a $3 spray can of "consumer grade" primer then everything will have to be ground out and done properly.  This will cost you more than having someone do it right the first time!  If you would like to do your own repair and prep, and have me paint the result, contact me for a list of materials and brands to use.

I can accommodate simple pinstriping which is done under the clear-coat, like that on the black bike on this page.  I can also handle "shading and fading", "Kandys", and other subtle personalization.  It is not my intention to offer a "trick" paint service, but a quality reasonably priced alternative to the "I won't even get my gun dirty for less than $1500" guys.

I offer paint services, ding repair, fiberglass repair, and other cosmetic services for your scoot.  If you would like to learn more about costs, and the services I offer, just click this link to e-mail me:

Thanks for looking...